Positive Analogue

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Pascal's Pizza

May 13, 2019

Skip to counting pizza in Clojure or the maths part A game about pizza! I was instantly a fan. It’s called ‘New York Slice’, 2-6 players…

Prolog Peg Puzzle Problem

March 12, 2019

Recently I developed a minor obsession over a little solitaire game. This was after a copy of the game was placed on each table at my cousin…

Understanding the Church Numeral Predecessor

August 08, 2018

Church Numerals (CN) are a way of representing positive integers in Lambda Calculus . They follow a very similar pattern to Array…

Ashley Claymore

Hi! I'm Ashley Claymore. Like many others, pulling things apart to learn how they work brings me a lot of joy. This site serves as an outlet for these little projects.